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Mel Wells is a Health and Eating Psychology Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Bestselling Author of The Goddess Revolution, published by Hay House.

It is her mission to help as many women in the world as possible, quit dieting and instead, do the work on transforming their relationship with food and their bodies. Mel is a huge advocate of psychology and mindset work, to work on your mental, emotional and spiritual health, not just the physical. The techniques she shares with her clients inside The Academy, are how she healed herself from 7 years of destructive yo-yo dieting patterns around food, body hatred, and a battle with bulimia and binge eating, and completely transformed her life into one of freedom, self love, sisterhood and true happiness from the inside out.

Mel's passion is contagious, and she dedicates her life to it.

Madeline Shaw


"Mel has such an inspirational message to help women fall back in love with themselves!

She writes with such integrity and love..."

Madeline Shaw
Julie Montagu


“Mel Wells goes beyond the number on the scale, dress size or waistline.

She shows you how to get out of that body prison and step firmly and forever into body, mind and spirit freedom.”

Julie Montagu


“Mel Wells is a light in the world. This woman is here to help others reach their highest potential.

Mel helps you stop focusing on weight and assists you in creating a healthy and loving relationship with yourself.”

David "Avocado" Wolfe