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"THE ACADEMY IS JUST life transforming!"

"If you were to do one thing for yourself ever, The Academy is so worth it!"

BECOME A Goddess!


Danni, Coventry, UK Danni, Coventry, UK

"This is so much more than food - I've never felt happier or more comfortable in my skin!"

"Working with Mel has totally changed my attitude towards food and my body! I wake up each morning genuinely excited for the day, knowing I’m going to be nourishing my bod and living life to the max! I’m proud to say I actually love myself now – I’ve never felt more confident or comfortable in my own skin! This is so much more than food."

Harriet, Derbyshire, UK Harriet, Derbyshire, UK

"I can't believe what a huge difference this program has made to every aspect of my life!"

"Working with Mel is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. I feel better than ever, everything is falling into place, and for once I’m not on a diet! I’m finally beginning to enjoy food again and love myself. I can’t believe what a huge difference this program has made to every aspect of my life."

Katie Harris

"Since immersing myself in self love and all thing Goddess, I feel like someone has switched a light on in my brain and placed a warm glow in my heart ❤️
It's amazing what a difference it makes and how important it is to love yourself and live a life you love.
I can feel my mood lifting, my relationship strengthening and my whole life becoming more positive! I love you girls and all the support you offer and want to send you all hugs! Melissa Wells I will be forever grateful to you"


"I'm an Academy Goddess!
It is one of the best things I've ever done - investing in me!!!
I've done coaching and other amazing things but the one thing I always failed on and no one could seem to help with was my eating habits. In the academy I realised why I eat like I do and changes I've made to my daily habits has had a huge effect on my outlook to eating, myself in general and my energy! Everyone in the group is so supportive and you'll always find someone who's going through something similar and can connect.
I very much highly recommend it"


"I am an Academy Goddess! Just do it don't hold back, it's the best money you will ever spend! Mel is amazing and it opens another world for you! GO FOR IT"

Sally L

" Its helped me learn how to love myself so that I've been able to take good care of myself after a nervous breakdown and come off very heavy meds and not relapse. It helped me through the death of a very close relative and enabled me to self care and not completely fall apart. It's changed my life. It is so much more than food. Would recommend 300% if that was possible"

"I'm not sure that The Academy is right for me..."

What kind of stuff will I be eating? I have IBS/Allergies/not had success with diet plans before. +

Firstly, The Goddess Lifestyle is all about a way of eating for LIFE. So in the Academy, there are no set meal plans, no good or bad foods and strict rules around your diet (let’s be honest - you know all that already) and I’m not going to force you to drink green juice and do yoga on the daily - if you don’t want to! The Academy teaches you to have the amazing relationship with your food and your body that you have always deserved. It’s a lot less about what you eat and more about the how and the why.

Is this suitable if I’m pregnant? +

Yes! The Academy is all about nourishing your body, especially important if you’re expecting! It’s also so important that you pass down a great relationship and mindset around food and your body down to your children - girls or boys.

What if I don’t have time to do the program right now? +

No worries! You get lifetime access! This means that you can go back and retake the course whenever you like, and you can take as long as you need to complete it. The also means that you’ll get access to all the updates that will be added in future live versions of the academy. Basically, you will never again be able to get the course at this price.

The Academy IS for you if:

  • You are ready to rewrite your relationship with food and your body
  • You are willing to ditch diets for good and embrace a healthy lifestyle instead
  • You are ready to start putting yourself first
  • Right now you have cravings that you don’t understand or seemingly can’t defeat
  • You really want to learn how to start loving your body instead of fighting it
  • You are sick of always trying to lose weight and getting nowhere
  • You are willing to jump in with both feet
  • You are looking for lasting happiness within your body!
  • You know you have a tendency to emotional eat
  • You are willing to make lasting changes to your current lifestyle!

The Academy is NOT for you if:

  • You are not willing to stop counting calories, points or syns.
  • You aren’t willing to get in the kitchen at all and try new things
  • You aren’t willing to put in any effort or time for yourself
  • You are still looking for quick fixes, shakes, pills and cleanses
  • You aren’t willing to make some changes to your current lifestyle
  • You want to remain a victim of your past, instead of building a new vision for your life
BECOME A Goddess!
Steph Waring, Hollyoaks Actress and Proud Mum of two girls Steph Waring, Hollyoaks Actress and Proud Mum of two girls

"This has completely changed the way I feel about food!"

“I can honestly say since starting my journey with Mel it has not only changed my mindset about food, but it has completely changed the way I feel about food! This is a new way of life for me! So thank you Mel for your guidance, patience and advice! You have changed my life for the better!”

Ashley James, Model, Presenter and star of 'Made In Chelsea', UK Ashley James, Model, Presenter and star of 'Made In Chelsea', UK

"Mel has changed my life!"

"I’m really not into clichés because they take away the sincerity of the sentence but I can quite honestly say that Mel and her amazing work has changed my life. I can't wait to continue my journey and keep evolving!"

BECOME A Goddess

"I have a logistical question!"

How does the payment plan work? +

When you sign up, you pay the first instalment, and then every month for 6 months after that you’ll pay another instalment until you pay off the entire course fee.

How many places are available? I’m worried I’m going to miss out! +

There’s an unlimited number of places available on the course, join in now to be a part of the action and meet my amazing Goddesses in the super exclusive Facebook group.


BECOME A Goddess!